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 A Tale Of Two Pianists...

David Witte and Scott Berry Play Often At Christner's Prime Steak And Lobster. The Only Problem? We Can't Tell Which is Better: The Music Or The Food?


We almost fooled you at the end of that subheading...We think Scott and David are both the top!

You will catch Scott and David playing frequently and Christner's piano bar where you can enjoy a relaxing cocktail to favorites fro the Great American Songbook and rock alike. These musicians didn't graduate from some pretentious music school...they learned everything on their own! (with far superior talent, I might add, to most of their counterparts in other establishments) With that being said, their competition is slim given the rarity of their abilities and these fine artists need our support to keep the music playing. Why not drop into Christner's for a romantic night or an evening cocktail?! Your taste buds and your ears will say "thanks".


(Thanks, Marshall, for the nice comments.)

Scott in New York in 1985

See New York reviews below...

Orlando Local News - November 2020

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"There are two kinds of music, the good and the bad.  I play the good kind."
-Louis Armstrong

By the way,
here are reviews of my CDs from a few years ago...

"A full hour of  original compositions performed and produced by the composer, SERENITY is designed to be experienced as relaxing background music for contemplation or in conjunction with healing activities, such as yoga or massage.  It has been created with the guidance of several Central Florida massage therapists and a yoga instructor. As editor of Natural Awakenings, I find his music soothing during the stress of meeting publishing deadlines."
--Margaret Jones McKee
Editor of
, November 2002
(review of the SERENITY CD)

* * * * *
...and from my days in a jazz trio...

is good jazz. Traditionally styled renditions of various memorable cuts, Swingshift stands out on "I'll Close My Eyes", "What Am I Here For?" and "It Had To Be You." As a trio this outfit fills a lot of space in texture and talent, with most of the music being wrapped around the soulful delivery of whatever wind instrument Barry Weinstein is playing (tenor sax, clarinet or flute). They say 'you don't have a thing if it ain't got that swing'. This one's got it in spades."
--JAM Magazine, March 1996
(review of SWINGSHIFT CD)



"The warmth that does not come from the heating system is spread by
the easy intimacy of the regular piano player, Scott Berry, who comfortably
played and sang show and pop and his own songs, interspersed with brief chatter."
Going Out Guide (live appearances at Razzle Dazzle, December 1981)


 "Scott Berry's arrangements give the songs a dollop of sophistication."
(review of VINYL, May 1983)


"Scott Berry's compositions were beautiful."
at Theater Of The Open Eye, December 1979)


"Scott Berry, 24, effectively mixes material with the feel of his native New Orleans with straighter material, some with rock traces. Among his assets are firstrate work on grand piano and a performing ease apparently acquired during his nine years of professional background."
--VARIETY (appearance at
Folk City, November 1977)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


During the THEATER 40 run of  OPTIONS, a comedy by Andrew Foster which featured Scott's original music, publications like DRAMA-LOGUE, BEVERLY HILLS TODAY, and the L.A. TIMES called Scott's compositions "sensitive", "excellent work" and said that the music "added a spark and commented sagely on the proceedings."
(compiled from DRAMA-LOGUE, BEVERLY HILLS TODAY, L.A. TIMES -- February 1983)

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